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Helping you explore your own unique way of moving to find power, ease and balance in every day.

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What I do .

I help you to move more freely, with more fluidity and more often, so that over time integrated, pain-free movement becomes natural and habitual.


Through highly attuned observation of movement patterns, we can create more efficient and functional movements. You’ll find fluidity and build confidence in how you move through your day.


By developing an understanding and connection around where you are physically, emotionally, and mentally, you’ll be better equipped to achieve your goals, find solid ground and take care of your body into the future.

Founder and Director

Ian Graham .

I guide people to explore and discover more movement options. Together, we learn that your brain and body have many choices available in any given movement. While many movement professionals prescribe what they believe to be one correct way of moving, I use a structure that we can be creative within, that still allows me to be guided by clinical reasoning.

With a background in art, design, and mindfulness, I originally started out as a personal trainer which created the foundation for my career as a movement mentor. Over the past 10 years I have evolved my practice, curating my own unique methodology through exploration of education, courses, modalities, and movement mentors of my own.  I am a certified JEMS™ Rehabilitative Training Professional.

Often people think movement mentoring is just for athletes – but it’s not! I coach everyday people, living with everyday challenges that are specific and relevant to them. I work with people of all ages, genders, and sexualities, from varying cultural backgrounds, with different levels of ability or disability; and a range of physical and mental health conditions.

Most of us share the purpose of wanting to stay active, strive for our personal best, grow into healthy posture and live long and comfortably. Movement mentoring fulfills exactly this goal for each and every individual.  

I utilise my innate creativity, finely attuned observational skills and deep personal insight, to guide people out of pain and limitation, to start moving with greater ease and grace in their daily lives. I do this with empathy, kindness, compassion, and sensitivity to ensure you feel heard, understood, and safe throughout the process.

Why movement mentoring ?

Because every client’s life experience, brain and body are unique, their movement patterns and compensatory workarounds are also unique. Movement mentoring is therefore tailored to a client’s unique movement patterns and goals, rather than applying any kind of predefined or standardised exercise programs.Movement mentoring helps you to explore your own body and unique movement, knowing that every person’s physiology is different and changes over time. Modern day living conditions us to be ‘in our heads’ – this work helps you to ‘be in’ your body. Awareness and regular movement of all parts of your body will help you move more freely and improve your wellbeing. Together we will work towards you building self-efficacy, empowering you to be more confident, proactive and effective at looking after your body, mind and spirit.






What Our Clients Say .


Ian has been assisting me in moving better this year. His thoughtful, intelligent, measured, individual, empathetic and holistic approach has meant that as well as developing more confidence in my body's ability to function well, I am overall more energised and comfortable in my own skin. Thank you, Ian!


I started seeing Ian to help with an injury. After that was resolved with his help, we continued to work on the movement issues that led me to become injured in the first place. Ian's holistic approach has helped me understand and reduce some deep-seated limitations to the way I move. Now I can do more of the things I love, without injuring myself. It helps that Ian is so relentless in his pursuit of better practice, and a pleasure to be around. I've been working with Ian for years and will continue to do so, as he continues to help me improve my baseline wellbeing in a way that filters forward beautifully into the rest of my week.

Dr Ari Diskin

Why is Ian my personal movement coach and my go to referral for my clients? Ian is a caring person, who masterfully observes and specifically directs his clients through intelligent movements that support their specific objectives.

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